Clarity and Wisdom for Parents with Human Design

Clarity and Wisdom for Parents

As a parent, co-parent, or guardian, would you LOVE additional clarity and wisdom to help you understand your kids?  Based on their operating system, the blueprint given when they were born?

Over the last year, I was reintroduced to Human Design and got curious to dig deeper.    So I was able to start putting a little more time into being curious about Human Design.

I have always been one who seeks, looking for clues that could unravel the mystery of life and allow me to become a better person.

You could say I am addicted to learning, yearning to discover the secrets within.  (This is reflected in my chart. More to come later.)

When I learn something new about myself, and its something I don’t appreciate hearing, I have this feeling of denial, and discomfort, as I feel like I am peeling away another layer of self, which is quite vulnerable.  I start judging myself.  A vicious cycle that does not serve.  Gosh, why are we so hard on ourselves?  Who taught us that?

For example, when I was studying and learning about the Enneagram, I discovered I was a type 7, enthusiast, love opportunity, and adventure.

I love that about myself.  I then learned I have a difficult time focusing (did you see that over there – SQUIRREL)  Ugh!! Internally, I recognized it is true.  So disappointing   Over time, I sat with it, and I learned to embrace it and said, Deb, being unfocused is just a part of you, so let’s find ways to help you focus when you need to concentrate on something.  So now, I play theta brain wave music as I work on a project and use Hypnotherapy to support me with focusing.  Hey, why not, I love trying new things all the time.

Back to Human Design –

I learned I am a Manifestor / Initiator, in which there are only about 8-9% of us in the collective.  What that means is I am a go-getter capable of initiating and manifesting things at any time. I am a starter, I get the ball rolling to start stuff that needs to get done.  Or I see something that needs to get done and then get the right people on it.  I am also very independent, and I love my freedom.  Also, I experience others around me as being too slow.  Why, because I am already on to the next thing or the next thought, without letting you catch up.  My mind thinks that fast. I am always thinking of ideas and new ways of doing something and driving positive change by sharing a vision of all things possible.

Can you imagine having this gift as a child, with parents who don’t know this is how one operates, how we are designed to be?  Human design is not about changing anything. It’s a tool that teaches us how God created each one of us to be.  It’s our blueprint, our gift from God.

Consciously and unconsciously.  It is who we BE.  There is nothing to do, nothing to change. It’s a discovery tool.

Growing Up without Knowing Human Design

My parents and siblings are Generators and a Manifesting Generator.  They knew none of this information and did not have the tools.  In my experience, I wanted the freedom to be.  I needed to be free and go at my own pace.  Back in 1960, at four years old, I was at my Grandmother’s house.  My Uncle Conrad took care of me, and something got into my head, I am going home.  My parents lived in Seattle on Magnolia, on the Westside.  So I left, and I began walking home.  At that time, Fort Lawton, an Army base (now, Discovery park), was between my grandparent’s house and my parent’s home.  I remember being stopped and picked up by an Army officer in a black Volkswagen bug.   I do not remember much of what happened afterward – accept somehow they got a hold of my mother.

High School –

In my Sophomore year, I tried out to be a cheerleader for Seattle Prep in Seattle, an all-boys high school back then.

I was attending Holy Angels.  At that time, when you were a cheerleader, this was and makingyear-round adventure, Football, and Basketball.  So after each game, there would be parties with the players and other kids from school.

Of course, I wanted to hang out, participate.  Have fun with the group of kids.  Well, in our household, my dad was very strict, so when I would go to the parties after the games,  My mom would have to pick me up. For whatever reason, I always got in trouble and would be placed on restriction.  Not fun when you want to be free and hang out with your friends.  Let me tell you, as I got older, I turned into a rebel. Now I understand why.  I needed more freedom, which is in my design.  Of course, with safe, flexible boundaries.

At the age of 18, I was tired of living under such strict rules, and not given much freedom to be myself; I left and moved down to California to live with my Grandparents.  Again, to have what I yearned for freedom, flexibility, and understanding. Why California and my Grandparents?  Because they were fun grandparents.

I felt I could be more myself.

So as I  have been learning more about myself, I reflected on what I learned about myself through my design.  My life started making sense.

Life became a little easier.

Easier to understand how I operate, even today.

Then I thought, what if parents used this tool for their kids to gain more clarity and wisdom, using the blueprint given to each one of us when we were born.

This tool is an operating manual, our guide that provides clarity and wisdom.

YES, there is an operating manual that helps us parents learn about our kids based on their design.

Did you know about this operating manual?

If you had in your hand the operating manual when your kids were born, would you use it?

I wish I had this incredible tool when my boys were young to support them growing up.

So I thought, AHA, what a GREAT idea.

I reached out to a friend and offered to read for her 3-year-old daughter, herself, and husband.  My friend said YES – and as I was learning, I began sharing a few things about her daughter before the reading.

The information I shared about her daughter’s design, was mind blowing! So right on the mark.

I gave her part one of her daughters reading this last weekend, and now she is putting the questions together as she as a mom wants to learn how she can support her daughter live her design now, and in her teenage years.

Who would have thought that we would have an actual manual for our children that provides clarity and wisdom?

Curious to learn about yours?  Your sons or daughters’?

I LOVE serving to drive positive change by sharing the vision of God’s blueprint and helping you gain clarity and wisdom through your kids’ operating system and making parenting life a little easier for you and your kids.

You can sign up for a Human Design reading for your child(ren) and yourself.  Send me an email at [email protected] or reach out and DM me on Instagram under @CEOfromtheheart or Facebook.

Would you like to learn more about Human design yourself?  One of my Mentors is teaching The Enrich Formula. What I LOVE about Tiffani is she makes everything about Human Design so easy to understand and how to apply it in our everyday life.  Based on all I learned from Tiffani, I have created readings for my family to help them understand their kids based on their design.

There is so much to learn; it’s fascinating.

I am here to support you.


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