Debbie Rosenfelt CPCC
Grief Recovery Specialist®
Licensed HeartMath® Coach

About Debbie...

After 27 years of a successful career in Corporate finance, I experienced the personal tragedy of losing my son in 2008. My professional career in no way prepared me for the heartbreak that unfolded and: I was at a loss to know how to live . . . let alone work. I genuinely questioned how does one go on.

My new journey began.

As someone whose world was turned upside down by profound grief, I now walk with and support CEOs, leaders, and small groups to navigate through tragic loss and challenging times.

I help you gain clarity, reclaiming your confidence and peace of mind during the tough, challenging times.

How this journey began...

December 20th, 2008, my heart broke in a million pieces…

I lost my first son, to suicide.  How does one put one foot in front of another after losing my son, my first born?

What does one do? Where does one go?  . . . Feeling deep grief, I felt numb and lost.

My mind immediately went to being a doing machine.  I went into manage mode, I could not control what happened so I thought I need to take care of what needed to be cared for.

I so desperately wanted to see his face, to feel his energy, to hold him and talk to him.

My last conversation with Ken was December 6th. What happened? What went wrong? Why didn’t I know he was in a dark place?

My mind was lost. I was lost.

Yet I knew I had to start calling family.  First my best friend . . I needed her.  . I needed someone to listen and to just be there to console me.  Then his dad, yet he was not home.  I had to share with his step-mom so she could get him home.  The worst message you ever want to convey to someone 900 miles away.

Then my sister. . .

So many questions were going through my mind.  I wanted to understand . . . yet I was not in Kenny’s shoes.

Life changed dramatically – I felt like I was hit by a brick wall. Life had to slow down.  Yet how does one do that when you don’t know any other way? What was happening to me?  My mind would shut down . . my body would shut down . . at times I could not function.  I was experiencing the symptoms of deep, deep grief that were telling me – You cannot and I will not let you go on functioning the same way.

Prior to experiencing this deep grief, my work as a CFO and business owner had me going 110 miles an hour, managing projects, managing people, managing a business that was growing exponentially, working with my other son building a brand new business from scratch . .

. . . and now life needed to slow down.

I was questioning my very existence, my life, why was I here, what was my purpose.  I was questioning,  there has to be something more to life than this.  My heart was nudging me, possibly it was God . . .  there has to be more to life . . I wanted that deeper connection  . . that space where I am deeply connected to follow my heart and be on purpose. Well, what does that look like.  .

I had been coaching other business owners so I thought, I want to legitimize my coaching and become certified so I chose to attend the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I then chose the Leadership training with CTI.  I wanted to learn to be more present and to serve those who were hurting from loss like myself.  God kept on bringing people into my life that were hurting.  I noticed I was able to connect with them at a deeper intimate level to hear their story of loss and deep despair.  We had a bond, an intimate bond that no other could share, unless they had experienced loss.

What’s next?  Serving, those in need, being that quiet presence in times of need, if it be during a difficult time, loss of a loved one or friend or in need of a listening ear because there is so much going on in life.   Supporting you with being still for a moment and reconnecting to your heart.

In 2018 I found The Grief Recovery Method  which provides support, relief and lifelong tools for those who have suffered loss.  Any kind of loss, from  loss of a loved one through death, divorce, loss of a pet, loss of a job, financial loss, loss of trust and even spiritual loss. The tools you need to effectively recover from loss as well as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. In addition there is bereavement support for coping with death and loss.

So I ask, what do you want more of in your life that you are seeking, or not giving to yourself? A deeper connection to yourself, with family, friends, and or with God?

Reach out, connect, share your story with me. What are you feeling that you have not shared with anyone? Are you feeling lost? Hopeless?  Disconnected?

I would love to just have a conversation so you feel supported in a world that is not very forgiving or wants to FIX you because you are feeling grief, sadness and or lost.

Remember, you are exactly where you are, and where you should be.  There is nothing to fix or nothing to get over.  You are suffering from grief . . and there is hope.

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Spent several sessions walking thru the grief recovery method with other’s walking the same path. Debbie was our facilitator. She guided us with grace and compassion allowing us to process our grief, each in an individual way. This is experience was transformational in my daily walk. The grief is still there, but, I’ve attained a new lightness within myself and an appreciation for the relationship that was cut short by his death. I am thankful for the Grief Recovery Method.

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