When Children Grieve…

Did you know that children as young as two years old are aware of death even if they cannot comprehend what death is? It may also surprise you to know that children inherently know how to grieve normally and naturally but often aren’t able to because those around them unknowingly and unintentionally interrupt their process. When this happens, children begin to accumulate unresolved grief early on and it begins to alter their way of viewing the world and how they show up in their relationships later on in life.

The Problem

While children instinctively know how to grieve normally and naturally, they are often not given the space to talk openly and honestly with the adults around them and process through their emotions as they come up. This is largely due to the sad but true fact that parents and caregivers although well intended are not educated themselves on what healthy grieving is. For example, in an effort to help or shield children from grief, they try to “be strong” for their children rather than being emotionally honest. Since children learn and model their behavior by what they see around them, they begin to stuff their feelings rather than process them in a healthy way.

The Solution

Helping Children Deal with Loss is a program designed for anyone who is in contact with a child of any age who has experienced a loss of any kind. As a parent or caregiver, you are the most influential person in your child’s life so it makes sense that you would be the one helping your child through this, not a stranger. You will be educated first on what healthy grieving is and how to support your child’s natural grieving process. Finally, you will be given the tools on how to help your child get emotionally complete what was left unfinished so they can truly heal their little hearts.

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How To Get Started...

At this point you might be wondering what the next step is. It’s important to take action but also to proceed at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Here is what you can do to take the next step. 

Simply schedule a Free 15 minute consultation with Debbie, during this time feel free to ask Debbie anything you like about the Helping Children with Loss Support program so that you feel 100% comfortable with the process. This is a no pressure call simply to answer any questions you have and to see if this program is a good fit for you. And if it is then Debbie will show you how you can get started. That’s it… Now use the link below to schedule your Free 15 minute phone consultation with Debbie today.

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Is Grief Recovery For You?

We would like to invite you to hear from some others that have gone through the grief recovery method program. Many of them didn’t know themselves if this program was for them. But by taking a leap of faith they found peace in the process. You just might find the peace your seeking as well…

I was excited to go through the Grief Recovery Program. I felt alone in my pain and had no idea how to process how I was feeling when grief would wash over me. Tears, guilt, pain and repeat without it getting any easier. The Grief Recovery Program offered me a safe environment to work through those feelings, find a safe way to deal with unresolved relationship issues and finally say goodbye to them. I wish that everyone could go through the Grief Recovery Program even if they are not grieving. What a gift to know how to deal with loss of any kind. I have recommended the program to my children and also a few friends

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