“When Children Grieve” Authors – John W. James and Russell Friedman

Loss and Grief

Is so prevalent in our society, we don’t realize we are grieving or actually addressing the loss we experience in our day-to-day life.  It’s just like there is something that is in front of us, but we don’t see it.  We either ignore it, just don’t recognize it or we don’t want to see it.  It’s like a fish in a fishbowl of water.  Does the fish know he is in water?  Does he see or know the water is there?  Yet, we do know if he jumps out of the bowl of water we know he will not survive.  My purpose in sharing this, I want to open the door of awareness to the impact loss and grief have on each of us and our kiddos.  I also have this desire to guide parents, grandparents, foster parents, guardians, and teachers on how to learn and teach your kiddos about loss and grief as they are experiencing it.  When we experience feeling seen, heard, and acknowledged as we grieve, the healing process is a little easier, because there is nothing to fight, because we see it’s there.

I personally have been impacted deeply by loss and grief for the last 11 years.  You can read my story here . . . .   After losing my first son, I vowed to listen to and follow my heart.  I had to do life differently.  It’s almost a calling of the heart if you will, as God has placed so many people in my life over the last 11 years who have either lost a loved one tragically or who is suffering from loss and grief.

The Grief Recovery Institute

I was introduced to The Grief Recovery Institute about 20 months ago, which was founded by John James in the mid-1980s.  He created The Grief Recovery Method® based on his personal experiences with loss and grief.  When I learned about the Grief Recovery Method® I decided to take the course to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, as the work is quite powerful.  The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence-based program that is educational, and actionable that is therapeutic by nature, yet it’s not therapy.  The steps taught in the program allow an individual to process their grief in a whole new cathartic way.  The key is it’s evidence-based, educational and you are in action, taking specific action steps.

“When Children Grieve”

I recently began reading the book “When Children Grieve” and I immediately thought, this is too good NOT to share, so I decided to offer it as one of my first online study courses to teach the 6-week program, through a private Facebook group.  In addition, I am taking excerpts from the book to share in my blog, so it will provide additional support.  It will also serve those who are curious and want to learn more who are not in the group.  If you want you can purchase your own copy of When Children Grieve “.

What does the book teach?

It teaches children’s reactions to all loss events, and what it demonstrates to assist parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, and guardians in guiding children is practical and functional when applied to the kinds of feelings and fears caused by the “abnormal” incidents that generate an overwhelming amount of emotional energy in children.  As you read, you will learn about grief for yourself as well.  It’s eye-opening.  I hope you see the benefits of this remarkable teaching and read what the Grief Recovery Method® offers.

Renew Your Possibility – As Children Grieve 6 Week Study group

If you are interested in participating in the Renew Your Possibility – As Children Grieve 6 week Study group, sign up here.  This is a complimentary study group that will require your commitment as it is very informative and has productive tools supporting your kiddos and yourself with grief.  You will be able to use what you learn and the tools for the rest of your life and your children’s lives.  I guarantee it.

With Gratitude and to Renew Your Possibility . .

Debbie Rosenfelt Grief Recovery Specialist®

Advocate for Creating Possibilities