Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

What is Grief Recovery?

We all experience loss throughout our lifetime; no one is exempt.

When there is a loss, there is grief. Grief is the natural response to a loss of any kind. The problem is, grief is misunderstood and generally not discussed until it hits you right between the eyes.

Grief Recovery provides you with the tools needed to begin the process toward positive healing. There are many types of loss that we experience, some of which can lead to grief. Though death and divorce are commonly recognized as grieving experiences, there are many others, including: Moving, Addiction, Loss of Faith, Loss of Health, Changes in Career, Childhood Abuse/Neglect, Breakups in Romantic Relationships, Life Transitions, and more…

The beginning is the most important part of the work.


1-on-1 Support

Grief recovery method online or in-person

Group Support

8 Week griefsupport group

Pet Loss Support

Healing after the loss of a pet

Helping Children

Helping children cope through loss

You can’t go wrong by addressing grief, that we all go through and choosing Debbie Rosenfelt for your guide and support on this journey. Debbie and I will be forever connected by the intimate work we did together. It has completely changed my life for the better! From the start, I began to see hope for the first time, despite trying many different methods to heal. Debbie is gentle, patient and kind while also lovingly encouraging me to look at things in a new way. She is very sincere, compassionate and her own experience with grief made me feel like I could trust her. She is very gifted and I highly recommend her and this particular program!!

Pam T.

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