The Path . . .

The Path of G.R.A.C.E. – Humbly allowing (getting to know) grief on a whole new level. It’s about nurturing the unwanted experience and intimate relationship with grief. As humans, we want to understand why tragedy happens. At the time, we want to make sense of it. Yet we can’t! The depth of despair is immediate […]


One of my morning rituals is to read and listen to a daily devotion or two.  I seek a deeper relationship to life and with God, which is one way to satisfy my hunger.  To continue to develop the virtues of leadership, I follow and listen to Darren Hardy as a participant in the 2021 […]

Black Lives Matter …

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter . . . I shared this on my personal Facebook page the day the below incident occurred.   My emotions were raw and I was disgusted with what occurred in my small community.  Why do I care?  Because I am tired of the discrimination everywhere.  God created each one of us, and […]