One Myth of Loss and Grief – Time Doesn’t Heal – Actions Do

Does time really heal . . . No

In the next few writings, we will begin to address the six major myths that, if challenged, may limit your ability to help your child.  Here is a preview of one such myth and its possible impact on your child.

We have been taught to believe that time heals all emotional wounds.  The false belief that time heals is probably the single largest impediment to recovery from loss of any kind.  Here is an amusing illustration:  Imagine that you went out to your car and discovered a flat tire.  Would you pull up a chair and sit down and wait for air to get back in your tire/  Not likely.  You would probably do one of two things – either replace the flat tire with the spare in the trunk, or call the auto club and ask them to come and change your tire.

In either case, the repair would be the result of action, not of time.  Most people laugh when they hear the flat tire analogy.  some argue that there is a difference between recovery from the heath of a loved one and the repair of a flat tire.  We agree,  But the only difference is that it takes different actions to change the tire than to complete the pain caused by the death or other loss.

Recovery from grief or loss is achieved by a series of small and correct action choices made by the griever.

The fundamental purpose of the book, ‘When Children Grieve”  . .

is to teach you what those correct action choices are, and to show you how to use them to help your children. The book will provide very specific guidelines to help you accomplish the goal of helping your children.  But before getting to the solutions, we must help you see what stands between you and the successful implementations of those actions.

From the book.  . When Children Grieve written by John W James  and Russell Friedman with Dr. Leslie Landon Matthews

There is help . .

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Just take that first step.  Do something that you have not done before.  It’s ok, that your not ok, yet please don’t stay stuck in grief.  There is light on the other side.

Remember, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

Yours in Gratitude and to Renewing Your Possibility. . .

Debbie  Your Grief Recovery Specialist®