Helping Children with Loss – Myth 3 – Grieve Alone

Looking at Myth 3: Grieve Alone John enjoyed a close relationship with his grandfather who lied nearby.  his grandpa taught him to hunt and fish and pla ball.  Since john’s father was on the road a lot, Grandpa became very important to John.  One day, while john was sitting in a high school class, a […]

Helping Children with Loss – Myth 2 – Replace the Loss Part Two

Replace the Loss – Part Two (And a national divorce rate approaching 50% – Uh-oh!) With replace the loss as a backdrop, let’s look at something that happens a little later in life.  Sometime during the teenage years. When our children become teenagers, nature encourages them to begin to experiment with courtship rituals, which leads […]

Helping Children with Loss – Myth 2 – Sidebar All Relationships Are Unique

Replace the Loss, Sidebar All Relationships Are Unique Relationships with people, with animals, and even with prized possessions are unique.   No two people can have identical relationships with anyone or anything.  Yes, there can be parallels or similarities, but relationships are never identical.  We bring our individuality into every relationship.  Those of you who have […]

Helping Children with Loss – Who’s Responsible For Feelings

Who’s Responsible For Feelings The victim mentality seems to be almost epidemic in our society.  If the word victim seems a bit harsh, substitute the word helpless.  In either case, both concepts create the idea that no one ever seems to be responsible for what he or she has said, felt, or done. A Child […]

Helping Children with Loss – Part Two – Looking at Myth 1: Don’t Feel Bad

Part Two – Looking at Myth 1:  Don’t Feel Bad Earlier we mentioned how ridiculous it would seem if someone responded to a positive event in your life by saying, “don’t feel good,”  well, even more absurd – not to mention destructive – is to lovingly tell a child “Don’t feel bad” in response to […]

Helping Children with Loss – Looking at Myth 1: Don’t Feel Bad

Looking at Myth 1 – “Don’t feel bad” The logical response to the comment “Don’t feel bad” should be “Why not?”  Unfortunately, as a society we don’t ask that questions.  instead, we keep trying to reinforce the illogical idea that children shouldn’t feel the way they feel. Imagine that you have just hit your finger […]