The Wise Learn By Listening . . .

The Wise Learn By Listening . . .

Over the last few days, I have felt a low wave.

What does this look like?

Feeling low energy, feeling self-doubt, holding expectations of myself.

Feeling pressure to know and to do.

This is self-imposed pressure that occurs when I am not listening to what I need.  This is where grace can step in.  Yet when I am on a low emotional wave, (I am an emotional authority, this is a human design term), I expect to know it all.

Where does this idea that I should have the answers for everything, or know it all come from?  I have a hunch it is because I was trained to have the answers.  I felt if I did not, I was less than, not good enough, or I would be rejected.

Studying Human Design

I have been studying human design for the last nine months, and I recently discovered there are two pressure functions from my head, inspiration to my root, which is my drive and stamina, which places us in a pressure sandwich.  We have the pressure at the top from inspiration in the head, which puts us under constant pressure to think. The pressure at the bottom from the root drive and stamina puts us under constant pressure to stay alive and thrive.

The head, inspiration, is pressure to “know.” My head operates through doubts, confusion, and inner truth to pressure the mind to ask questions and move energy toward awareness through conceptualization to find answers.

Drive and stamina is the pressure to “do” and stay alive.

So with that, what has been brewing underneath building the pressure?  I have these ambitions, these desires to develop my work by sharing my wisdom and years of my experiential and experimental journey.

Then the Mindset steps in . . .

Yet my experience, I find that I hold myself back.  Ouch!  It does not feel so good.

A few things I do; I work on my mindset every day.

The methods I use to work on my mindset: listening to hypnotherapy tracks by Grace Smith.

I read “The Battlefield of the Mind Bible, by Joyce Meyers.  It’s so, so good to help shift my mind.

I write / journal to get it all out of my head as it helps me process.

And I pray to God for wisdom and daily guidance.

My take away:

This, all of this I shared above is part of my journey.

Human Design is a tool that helped me understand myself even more.

Self-imposed pressure will always be there – it’s part of my design (actually all of ours, it just shows up in different forms).

Give me grace as it is my friend, my ally.  We all need grace.

Curiosity is also my friend, knowing that I need to continue to ask myself questions to renew my mind.

God is always guiding me, so remind myself each day.

When I expect myself to know the answers, that is the pressure that I place on myself.  That is not the best time to make decisions.

It takes time to unlearn, all that I learned growing up.

Human Design is an ally, my blueprint of God’s design of who He created me to be.  I am unique (just like we all are). Trust God. Trust my design.

What I do know, I am an individuated expression of God, who sees the unseen, (this is a gift I have)  by honoring self, connecting to my inner wisdom, that allows me to reveal unlimited possibilities.

So, I will be wise and listen to what I am learning.

Curious about what your design looks like, and what it will tell you?

I love creating and seeing what is possible for others, who are on a path of knowing and understanding themselves.  Because when you know more about YOU, you have more freedom, and peace of mind.

What do you want to learn about YOU?

I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.


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