Grief and Recovery – Is it Possible? Yes!

Grief and Recovery

Is this the first time you have seen these two expressions together?

In modern life, moving through intense emotional pain has become such a misunderstood process that most of us have very little idea of how to respond to loss.

Have you ever wondered, what does recovery from grief look like?

Recovery means . . . feeling better.

And, claiming your circumstances instead of your circumstances claiming you and your happiness.

Recovery is . .

Finding new meaning of living, without the fears of being hurt again.

Being able to enjoy fond memories without having them precipitate painful feelings of regret or remorse.

Acknowledging that it is perfectly all right to feel sad from time to time and to talk about those feelings not matter how those around you react.

Being able to forgive others when they say or do things that you know are based on their lack of knowledge about grief.

Recovery is one day realizing that your ability to talk about the loss you’ve experienced is indeed normal and healthy.

Recovery means . .

acquiring the skills that we should have been taught in childhood.

These skills allow us to deal with loss directly.  Most of us are aware that there is no guarantee that our loved ones will be alive when we get home.

Those of us who have experienced divorce also realize there is no guarantee our spouse will love us when we get home.

The skills of grief recovery will heal your heart if it gets broken and in turn allow you to participate 100 percent in all of your relationships.

With the knowledge and freedom brought about by completing losses comes the additional benefit of allowing ourselves to love as totally as possible.

Recovering  from a significant emotional loss is not an easy task.  Taking the actions that lead to recovery will require your attention, open-mindedness, willingness and courage.

From the book.  . The Grief Recovery Method Handbook  written by John W James  and Russell Friedman

Are you ready for recovery from unresolved grief?  Do you have the open-mindedness and willingness to take the first step to heal from unresolved grief?

If your intuition says yes, I am done with feeling stuck in my grief and I want to feel relief and experience the possibilities, than connect with me.  Schedule a one on one conversation to walk through the next steps.

If your internal message is no, I’m not ready yet, let that be okay.  When you are ready, you will know.  Then reach out.

Just take that first step.  Do something that you have not done before.  It’s ok, that your not ok, yet please don’t stay stuck in grief.  There is light on the other side.

Remember, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

Yours in Gratitude and to Renewing Your Possibility. . .

Listen, Learn and Lead From the Heart

Debbie  Your Grief Recovery Specialist®