Helping Parents with Loss – Looking At Myth 6 – Time Heals all Wounds

Myth 6 – Time Heals all Wounds This might be the single most dramatically inaccurate piece of mis-information that has been imposed on all of us.  Like most false beliefs, this idea has a partial basis in reality.  Recovery from loss  and completion of emotional pain do happen within a framework of time.  However, there […]

Grief and Recovery – Is it Possible? Yes!

Grief and Recovery Is this the first time you have seen these two expressions together? In modern life, moving through intense emotional pain has become such a misunderstood process that most of us have very little idea of how to respond to loss. Have you ever wondered, what does recovery from grief look like? Recovery […]

Helping Parents Helping Children with Loss – Looking At Myth 5 – Keep Busy

Myth 5 – Keep Busy Let’s return to the mom from our first story –  Monkey see Monkey do. This time it relates to her five-year-old daughter.  This brings us to another loss- related myth.  Well-meaning family and friends had advised the mom to keep busy.  Mom had become a beehive of activity.  She scheduled […]